Earn 5x more rewards with the new Maybank Grab Mastercard Platinum Credit Card


The Maybank Grab Mastercard Platinum Credit Card has been officially unveiled where you can earn up to 5 times more rewards, which you can apply starting from today onwards at any Maybank branch in Malaysia. Furthermore, if you were to apply for the aforementioned credit card online before 30 September, you’ll be eligible for an Edifier TWS1 True Wireless Earbuds if you spend a minimum of RM300 within 45 days of the credit card approval date.

To go into more detail on the benefits, you’ll be able to get 5 times the GrabRewards for every RM1 spent, 2x GrabRewards if spent overseas or on e-commerce websites, free vouchers, life fee waiver, as well as 1000 GrabRewards Points. However, do note that you are required to have a minimum annual income of RM36000 as well as be over 21 years old to apply.



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