Economy Ministry: Viral message claiming teachers in Terengganu lost money after PADU registration is fake news

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The Economy Ministry today refuted a viral message that has been making its rounds on social media regarding the Central Database Hub (PADU). Dubbing the viral message as fake news, read on to find out more about the PSA by the Ministry. 

Taking to its official Facebook page, the Economy Ministry shared a couple of screenshots, one of a Facebook post and the other a message on a messaging platform that has been forwarded many times. The screenshot of the Facebook post is of a user claiming that many have lost money after registering for PADU. 

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Meanwhile, the other screenshot details of many teachers in Dungun, Terengganu allegedly losing money from scammers withdrawing money from their bank accounts after signing up for PADU. In the caption, the Economy Ministry stressed that both screenshots are fake and that there have not been any cases of teachers in Terengganu losing money after signing up for PADU as claimed by the viral message.

The Economy Ministry added that after making checks, zero police reports were made regarding such incidents. Furthermore, there was also no complaint lodged to the government’s SISPAA system.

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The matter has since been reported to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) for further action. The Economy Ministry thus advises the public to not share anything from unverified sources. 

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