Education Minister: Teachers in Malaysia will be trained to guide students in AI technology

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The Education Ministry aims to improve teacher competencies through suitable training to ensure they can effectively guide students in using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Its Minister, Fahdlina Sidek asserted that following the introduction of the Digital Education Policy (DEP), feedback indicated that students in the country possess significant capabilities, especially in AI innovation.

According to Bernama, Fahdlina revealed that students in our country demonstrate notable proficiency in AI, hence they need competent teachers to guide them. Therefore, the Ministry will prioritise enhancing the competency and training of our educators, particularly in AI. 

The Education Minister also highlighted that students in rural areas would be integrated into the digital community, thereby strengthening their proficiency in AI technology. Moreover, she said that initiatives such as teacher activity centres and the Digital Educational Learning Initiative Malaysia (DELIMa) platform would facilitate this effort.

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