Elon Musk delays relaunching Twitter Blue to avoid paying Apple’s 30% App Store cut

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Twitter has delayed the relaunch of its Twitter Blue subscription to make various other changes to the service, as well as to avoid paying Apple’s 30 per cent App Store cut. Moreover, the revamped Blue subscription may not be available as an in-app purchase on the Twitter iOS app when it relaunches on the Apple App Store.  

As reported by The Verge which corroborated the information shared by Platformer, this is following the public displeasure that Twitter owner Elon Musk had voiced towards Apple. Over the past month or so, Musk has tweeted several statements targeting Apple, including criticising the App Store’s “hidden 30 per cent tax on the internet” as well as claiming that Apple has threatened to withhold Twitter from the App Store and stopped advertising on the social media platform without notifying Twitter why.  

Previously, the Twitter Blue subscription allowed users to purchase a blue verification checkmark, though it has since been paused following a wave of impersonators. The subscription service was supposed to relaunch yesterday (29 November 2022) but various reports are confirming that it has been further delayed.

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