Everyone in the world will now get free access to Pornhub Premium until 23rd April

 Pornhub premium cover EDITED.png

As cases of Covid-19 keep increasing globally, someone is here to save the world again by encouraging everyone to stay home. Last time, the adult entertainment website, Pornhub, announced that it will make premium content available for free to everyone staying in Italy. Now, the site is extending the benefit to everyone worldwide.

To help flatten the curve as shown in the Twitter post, Pornhub has extended the perk to the world until 23rd April. The initiative has also been named “Stay Home”, which obviously is telling us to quarantine ourselves to halt the spread of the virus. Although it is not a big move to stop the Covid-19, it is still nice to see companies like Pornhub voicing out on this matter.

If you don’t really know what you can do with the premium membership, we are here to share with you. With Pornhub Premium, there will be thousands of full-length HD videos available for you from different adult content sites. At the same time, there will be no ads as well and you can watch some of the videos in VR format.

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