Experience 5G Live through the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra at KLCC and Sunway Pyramid


If you haven’t already heard, 5G is slowly but surely taking over and Samsung is jumping on the bandwagon with the latest Samsung Galaxy S20 series. Now available across the nation, many authorized retailers and partners have geared up for the launch. However, Maxis is doing something never done beforeAt their KLCC Store, they have set up a 5G Live showcase where the public can test out the 5G speed demonstration, 100x Space Zoom, and Augmented Reality (AR) on these latest Samsung Galaxy devices.

The 5G Live Showcase has already begun and features miniatures of the Maxis Centre alongside other buildings like sundry and barbershops that can be zoomed into using the Samsung Galaxy S20 series phones. All 3 of the Galaxy S20 series models are featured in there including the Samsung Galaxy S20 and the Samsung Galaxy S20+, which come packed with a 64MP telephoto lens for up to 30x zoom and are also being used to zoom into the miniatures. You can also use the power of the 100x Space Zoom which comes with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, as soon as you zoom into the Maxis store miniature, an AR function is triggered and the miniature comes to life! 


Once you enter the Maxis KLCC store, you will see this Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G experience zone


The Samsung Galaxy S20 series and accessories


Miniatures of old school shops that celebrate the intricacies of Malaysian culture


Experience a mini Maxis store in an old school setting come to life via AR


Test the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra hero phone featuring AR content and 5G speeds


Explore three miniature shops with the Space Zoom feature


The AR experience is triggered when the miniature is zoomed into using the Galaxy S20 Ultra


Check out the blazing speed powered by Maxis 5G!

Although 5G connectivity is not available commercially in Malaysia yet, you can get a taste of 5G speeds at the KLCC and Sunway Pyramid Maxis stores. We ran the test a few times and on average, the results were always above 800Mbps and that's already super fast. We were told that the highest recorded number on the S20 Ultra demo unit was above 1Gbps (#mindblown). If KLCC is not convenient for you, there’s another 5G Live experience zone with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra setup at the Sunway Pyramid Maxis store.

Interested to own the phone? The Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20+ are available on the Maxis 2 Phones 1 Price bundle promo from RM189/month and RM249/month respectively. As for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (alongside the aforementioned S20 and S20+ phones), this flagship is available on the Maxis Zerolution360 plan from RM129/month with no upfront payment, 0 credit card, 0% interest rate, 3-month phone protection for free and a yearly phone upgrade. For more details on this Maxis offer, visit maxis.com.my/galaxy-s20.

Both KLCC and Sunway Pyramid Maxis stores are open daily from 10AM to 10PM with the 5G Live showcase ending in early April, so do drop by to test out the 5G connectivity, 100x Space Zoom and other Samsung Galaxy S20 features if you happen to be nearby. Stay tuned for more Maxis news at TechNave.com.