Facebook has reportedly discontinued its Watch app on Apple TV

feat image facebook watch discontinued.jpg

The Facebook Watch app which allows users to watch Facebook livestreams and videos on Apple TV is reportedly no longer working. Furthermore, it looks like the tvOS app itself has been discontinued by Facebook.

As shared by 9to5Mac, the app, which runs on Apple’s tvOS has been shut down by Facebook. While the app is still available on the tvOS App Store, the app has changed its app icon since its latest update.


Furthermore, the app will give an error message saying that it is ‘no longer available’ and for the users to watch Facebook videos on the platform’s website instead. However, since tvOS don’t actually have a web browser, the only way you can watch Facebook videos on Apple TV is by using AirPlay from iOS, iPadOS and macOS devices.

Interestingly enough, the Facebook Watch app is still available on other supported smart TVs, hence the Meta-owned platform only discontinued it on Apple TV. So, what do you guys make of this development?

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