Facebook is attacking Apple again, claiming that they could make the Internet worse


Yesterday, we wrote about how Facebook is attacking Apple for changing their ad-tracking feature. The first one was about claiming the upcoming iOS's App Tracking Transparency is about profit, not privacy which hurts SMEs businesses (we very much doubt so), now they are doing it again with a different angle saying it can make the Internet worse

Just like the first advertisement, Facebook's second one is another full-page ad found on The Wall Street Journal, The New York times and The Washington Post. Their second accusation as mentioned says that the new feature will harm the Internet because it can force many app developers and websites to charge subscription fees or add in in-app purchases. In other words, the Internet won't be as free as before, according to Facebook. 


Apple has already responded to Facebook's first accusation and just about 2 hours ago (at the time of posting this), Tim Cook once again reminded Facebook and everyone else that Apple believes every Internet user should have the choice to control their data. He also repeated that Facebook doesn't need to change their methods in tracking users through their apps and websites. The upcoming App Tracking Transparency feature will require every app developer to ask for their permissions first. 

Personally, I think Facebook is making a fool of themselves. Any SME running their business on Facebook know that they have to purchase a certain service from the company to reach out to a wider audience. It's also our right to control how we want our data to be collected or not. 

But what do you think? Let us know in the comments below and there could be a third attack tomorrow (lol). Stay tuned for more trending tech news at TechNave.com.