Facebook is shutting down Live Shopping and wants you to use Reels instead


Wait...Does Facebook have a Live Shopping feature? Yes, but it has more to do with scheduled live broadcast events. In case you didn't know, it works similarly to Shopee Live when the seller tags products during Facebook Live videos but it's getting cancelled soon.

Facebook made this short announcement just today and it will stop from 1 October 2022. Facebook sellers won't be able to host any new or scheduled live shopping events, as well as create a product playlist or tagging products. The company is initiating this because consumers are shifting towards short-form videos (like TikTok, /coughs).

With this, Facebook will also shift their focus to Reels video format on its platform and on Instagram. Moreover, they even suggested sellers try experimenting with Reels and Reels ads on both platforms to sell their products. Tagging products on Reels on Instagram is also available.

With the rising popularity of TikTok, it's no wonder why Meta is trying to play catch up by focusing on short video formats. It has become evident if you surf Facebook and Instagram frequently with multiple recommended content from unknown users. Stay tuned for more trending tech news at TechNave.com.