Facebook network is down, affecting FB Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram as well

f down.jpg

Update: Facebook, FB MessengerWhatsApp and Instagram were down for an hour. It seems that all is good now

If you are experiencing horrible Internet experience on Facebook, you're not alone. It appears that Facebook is not functioning properly since 10 AM this morning and many people from around the world are reporting the same thing. 

A quick trip to DownDetector.com confirmed our suspicion and not only that, FB MessengerWhatsApp and Instagram users may be facing the same issue although we have yet to experience that on the latter. Some of us may have different network issues, as some are doing alright on the News Feed page but not the Facebook Page. 


Strangely, the Business Suite (FB Page) and Facebook app are doing better so you might as well use that for now (I posted the news from my app). WhatsApp also took a few seconds for us to connect online but some don't have an issue. This goes the same for Instagram and FB Messenger.

We will be updating this post again when the network is stable again. Stay tuned for more trending tech news at TechNave.com.