Facebook wants the rights to show full music videos on Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch music rights cover EDITED.jpg

Music videos are the most viewed video category on YouTube. If you still remember the latin song ‘Despacito’ that suddenly took over the world in 2017, it actually has the highest view on the platform with 6.55 billion views. Facebook Watch, which is also an online video feature is planning to get rights from several music labels to show full official music videos on the Facebook app. Will this provide a slight chance for Facebook Watch to rival against YouTube? Let’s find out!

Facebook is reportedly approaching music labels including Universal Music Group, Sony Music and Warner Music Group to get the music rights. There is also a big hope that the discussions will go smoothly and possible become successful. It is because the music labels are actually pushing Facebook Watch to become a YouTube alternative, as Google's video platform has been too loose with copyright protections. 

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Earlier, Facebook has actually gotten rights from the music labels to include short clips of music in the users’ videos as the background sound effects. Now, it seems like this is not enough for Facebook to promote its video feature. 

However, it is unsure whether the rights attained by Facebook from music labels will expand towards Instagram's IGTV service. If it does happen, it is actually a good thing for artists as they have more platforms to promote their works.

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