Fahmi Fadzil: 5G network users in Malaysia have increased 2400% to over 10 million since 2022

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Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil has revealed that the number of 5G network users in Malaysia has increased significantly since when he became minister. Taking to Facebook, Fahmi said that there are over 10 million 5G network users in our country. 

Specifically, the number of users is 10068858 as of January 2024. Furthermore, the Communications Minister added that this is a whopping 2400% increase from when he was appointed Communications Minister in December 2024. 



In the post, he revealed that the network coverage in populated areas when he took over the Ministry was 38.7 per cent, while the number of users was 404323. In December 2023, Malaysia recorded 80.2 per cent 5G network coverage in populated areas, with the current percentage not revealed by the Communications Ministry. 

As for how such a significant increase was achieved in just 14 months, Fahmi thanked 4 initiatives that he introduced throughout the period. These include negotiating with all local telcos to offer 5G, abolishing 5G network access charges and the introduction of the 5G RAHMAH package. 

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