Fahmi Fadzil: Govt will rebrand the Digital Economy Centre (PEDi) by June 2024

feat image pedi rebrand.jpg

Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil has announced that the government will be rebranding the Digital Economy Centre (PEDi) by the second quarter of this year. Moreover, the rebrand will include a new name and function. 

According to Bernama, Fahmi said that PEDi will be rebranded because the centres were also utilised by the community for activities that do not involve the digital economy. He added that the PEDi is used by the public to get info about grants, assistance, and services provided by the government, and even as a post office. 

The Communications Minister further elaborated that PEDi, as a community centre, can play a more important role in the dissemination of information to the public. This is on top of being a learning centre involving artificial intelligence (AI) activities for the local community.

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