Fahmi Fadzil announced no more extra charges for 5G services


You read that right, our Minister of Communication, Fahmi Fadzil just announced that 5G services will be free of charge. The announcement was made yesterday evening at a press conference, officiating the initiative for the benefit of the rakyat.

In his tweet post, the translated text reads "Back when 3G was upgraded to 4G, there was no additional charge. When 4G is upgraded to 5G, there should be no additional charges. Today, I announce, NO MORE EXTRA CHARGES for 5G services. With this announcement, I would like to invite everyone to upgrade your telecommunication services to 5G".

That's great news for everyone except there's one problem...the 5G charges are still present (check your telco apps). But to be fair, this new announcement was released yesterday so they will need more time to accommodate it. Also, according to the video above, Fadzil said the decision was informed by the CEO of a certain telecommunications company.

For your information, most of the telcos are charging RM10 for the 5G Booster and additional mobile internet data. It is unknown when the telcos will make adjustments so until then, we have to wait and see.