Fahmi Fadzil tells telco providers to improve their subpar network services in Melaka

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Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil has asked telco service providers to take immediate action to improve their subpar network service quality in Melaka. This is after a Cellular Service Quality Test (voice calls) conducted on a river cruise along Sungai Melaka in Banda Hilir yielded many dropped call problems. 

As shared on the Communications Ministry's official Facebook page, the test in the popular tourist area was conducted by the 6 major mobile network service providers. These include CelcomDigi, Maxis, U Mobile, Unifi Mobile (TM), Yes (YTL Communication) and Telekom Malaysia. 

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Fahmi shared that during the test on the route from Hotel Casa del Rio jetty to Taman Pengkalan Rama, 5 dropped calls were recorded. Wireless broadband download speed tests were also conducted, which found more than 100Mbps for all service providers. 

The Communications Minister has since told the relevant service providers to report their work improvements to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC). Fahmi added that MCMC will continue to monitor the matter throughout the first quarter of 2024 and submit reports to his Ministry. 

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