Fancy a gold-plated XBox One going for just $10000 (RM32375)?

Gold Xbox One.jpg

While there may be gamers who don't care about how much money they throw at their games and gaming consoles, these still don't compare to users who'd go out and get a $10000 (RM32375) Xbox One just because they can. Still, if one likes gold and other shiny things, then a gold plated Xbox One should be perfect. Currently available for around $10000 (RM32375), the gold plated Xbox One is available from Harrods of London. Tech specs and features are more or less the same but if the controller is also gold-plated you can expect to get tired from couch gaming very soon. No news yet of a gold plated AND crystal covered version yet, but just wait and see. Also no news of any Malaysia release dates or pricing, but if you're willing to shell out RM32375 for a game console, travel or shipping shouldn't be an issue.