Final Cut Camera for iOS is now available in the Apple App Store


If you're into mobile videography, you likely know that any editing process has to be done on a PC. There are some video editing apps out there, but they are either bad or paid apps. Well, iPhone users might not have to worry about that now with a newly released iOS app.

Yesterday, Apple released the Final Cut Camera app on the Apple App Store. It's now available to iPhone users with iOS 17.4 or later, no subscription required. Unfortunately, it means some older iPhones might not be compatible. By the way, the app has also been available for iPad since last year via a paid subscription.


So, what does the free iOS version offer? The app provides precise manual controls like video resolution, frame rates, ISO, shutter speed, etc. It also lets you pick which codecs (like H.265 or ProRes) to use, Log colour encoding for iPhone Pro Max series users, shoot with video stabilisation, or sync with up to four iPads/iPhones via Live Multicam. Of course, the latter requires a Final Cut Pro for iPad subscription.

Have you tried Final Cut Pro on your iPhone yet? Let us know what you think of it so far in the comments!