Final day to get your very own Huawei Healthy Pouch set at RM3558

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Still on the fence, wondering if you should be copping yourself the Healthy Pouch Set by Huawei? Well you better act fast because today is the last day you’ll be able to do so. The Healthy Pouch Set is priced at RM3558 and includes the Huawei Mate 20 (real price: 2799), a Huawei Watch GT Sport (real price: RM899) and Huawei Health App.

The combination of these three is the perfect recipe for your health as it gives you a full health report as well as health suggestions, just like having your very own doctor around. It isn’t too late for you to lead that healthy lifestyle resolution you set for yourself in the beginning of 2019! If you’re interested to get your very own Healthy Pouch Set, check out their official website! For more smartphone promotions, there’s no better place to find that than on!