Finally! U Mobile, Maxis, CelcomDigi, YTL and TM have signed the DNB Share Subscription Agreement

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After several delays, the Share Subscription Agreement (SSA) to hold equities in Digital National Berhad (DNB) has finally been signed by the 5 Malaysian mobile network operators (MNOs). As reported by Bernama, the SSA was signed today. 

The 5 MNOs that are part of the agreement are CelcomDigi, Maxis, U Mobile, Telekom Malaysia (TM) and YTL Power International Bhd (YTL). The Star reported further details on the agreement, whereby each MNO will be injecting approximately RM233 million into DNB. 

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Furthermore, all of the MNOs were allocated a total of 70% equity or 14% split among them. As for the remaining 30%, it will remain under the government through the Finance Ministry, which still holds a share in DNB. 

Once 80% populated area coverage is achieved, the government will announce the formation of a new commercial-only entity, which it referred to as "Entity B", that will develop the second wholesale 5G network. As of end-October, the coverage is at 73%.

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