Financial support up to RM1300 will be provided to foodpanda delivery partners

foodpanda Rider 2.jpg

We are now on day 7 of the Movement Restriction Order and more local brands are keeping up with the effort to ensure everyone's health and safety. For foodpanda, they have already implemented the contactless delivery but they recently went the extra mile of taking care of their delivery partners' well being with extra financial support.

According to the company, foodpanda have rolled out their financial assistance support for all their delivery partners who are affected by the outbreak. If one of their delivery partners test positive for COVID-19, they will be provided RM1000, whereas those who are quarantined will be provided RM300 by foodpanda. Hey, these are tough times.

In addition to that, foodpanda have also rolled out a real-time communication and information sharing strategy to all their delivery partners during this period via the Telegram chat app. Over 10,000 pieces of masks, 3,000 sets of gloves and hand sanitizers have been handed out to them as well, and more will be distributed whenever the stocks are replenished. Quality assurance and personal hygiene measures are recommended, as all delivery partners are required to:

  • Wear a mask if possible during shifts,
  • Regularly washing hands with water and soap,
  • Using hand sanitizer before and after each delivery shift,
  • Staple the paper bags and securely close the lids of food containers,
  • Sterilize their delivery bags or thermal bags,
  • If showing signs of illness, seek assistance from the doctor immediately

Delivery operations are being monitored and adjustments will be made in line with any recommendations provided by the Ministry of Health. Riders can stay updated with the latest information via the dedicated Covid-19 on the rider website. We wish them all the best in this period, stay tuned for more foodpanda news at