First look and hands on the Star Wars Edition Samsung Galaxy Note10+

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Earlier, we know that Samsung released a Star Wars Edition Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ to mark the release of The Rise of Skywalker in theaters on this Thursday. However, we didn’t expect that the special edition of Galaxy Note 10+ to be this majestic in reality after seeing this review done by Android Authority. Let’s find out what are the changes made to the powerful device!

The Star Wars Edition Galaxy Note 10+ comes in a box with other accessories that will cost you 1299.99 USD (~RM5385.34). The price is considered really high, but do take note that you will be getting a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds, a Ren-themed leather case and a commemorative plaque as well. If you’re a Star Wars fan, you will buy it if you have the ready money.

Star Wars deeper look 1.PNG

Star Wars deeper look 2.PNG

The design of the box

Star Wars deeper look 8.PNG

The majestic exterior of the device

Star Wars deeper look 6.PNGStar Wars deeper look 7.PNG

Star Wars-themed UI interface

Star wars deeper look 3.PNG

Leather case with a Kylo Ren's silhouette

Star Wars deeper look 4.PNG

A new paint job for the Samsung Galaxy Buds

Star Wars deeper look 5.PNG

The commemorative plaque with a Kylo Ren helmet popping out

A special effect when you pulls the S Pen out

Come out of hyperspace when you shut down the device 

The design of the device is spectacular with its black body and subtle red appearing here and there. Its S Pen has also been customised to look like a red lightsaber to fulfill that fantasy of yours. What I like the most will be its custom UI interface to fit the Star Wars theme. The icons and the navigation buttons have been redesigned to join the dark side, even the interface of apps got their new upgrades too. 

The accessories are the cherries on the icing for the dark-themed device. Its leather case is high-quality and soft with a silhouette of Kylo Ren’s mask and a Star Wars logo beneath it. The Samsung Galaxy Buds has also received a new paint job as well. The earbuds are exactly the black ones which you could get without purchasing the Star Wars special bundle. It is unique because its charging case is all black, while the inside features a sleek red colour. Other than that, there is also a plaque from the movie that feels heavy and super-solid while holding it.

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