FoodPandai is a tool built by local developers for you to compare prices from FoodPanda

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Online food delivery service has become essential during the pandemic. There's nothing more convenient than just having your food delivered to the doorstep with just a few swipes and clicks. Other than that, many platforms are also offering various voucher codes for their customers to enjoy some attractive discounts. If you think that is still not enough for being budget, there is a website called FoodPandai which lets you compare the prices of food from FoodPanda.

FoodPandai is a simple project created by local developers. Through the website, you can compare the prices of a certain food or drink to find out which restaurant offers the cheapest option. All it needs to get the job done is to access your current location data to find the restaurants nearby.

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For example, if you're craving for 'Nasi Goreng Kampung', you can just search for the food on FoodPandai. Not only it will show you which restaurant has it, but you can also save some cash by choosing the ones with lower prices. Of course, you will still be required to place your order on the FoodPanda app.

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