Galaxy S4 Mini Rumours: Exynos 5210 Chipset, Versions


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Topping off our earlier news on the Galaxy S4 Mini are several new rumors including the fact that it may come in 4 different versions and that it will be using a new Samsung Exynos Chipset. For the first rumour about versions, this one seems more than likely as eagle-eyed Twitter user st7761 found the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini's I9190 model number on the Samsung Support page. Alongside this model number he also found three other I919X devices. While these links don't actually bring you to anywhere, based on the previous model numbering it is surmised that the I9192 will be the dual SIM version while the I9195 is the LTE version. The I9198 is to be the China-only version. Official announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is expected to be around June or July this year.

The second rumor regarding the Exynos 5210 chipset is that the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini will be using a new Exynos chipset with the 5210 model number. So far there have only been two Exynos 5 chipsets, the 5250 Dual for the Nexus 10 and the 5410 Octa for the Galaxy S4. This rumour apparently surfaced in a Samsung development kit and an AOSP port on GitHub. According to industry watchers the Exynos 5210 would be in the same generation as the other two ARM Cortex A15 based chipsets and should be a dual-core model. It is still unknown if this dual-core chipset will follow the same big.LITTLE architecture as the 5410 Octa which has 8 cores but only one set of 4 cores work at one time but it could be since it is the newer generation chipset. No news or indication as to what GPU will be used as both the Mali and PowerVR GPUs have been used recently. Do you have any ideas about the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini? Share it with us on our Mobile Mega Mall Facebook page.

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