Gaming browser OperaGX Mobile to be available on iOS and Android soon

OperaGX Mobile cover EDITED.jpg

Other than conventional internet browsers, we also have the gaming browser OperaGX from Opera. After being offered to desktop users for some time, the browser maker is now bringing it to mobiles. With that said, the OperaGX Mobile will become the first-ever mobile gaming browser for gamers.

The OperaGX allows features such as setting limits on CPU, RAM and network bandwidth. It also supports customization options including Razer's Chroma lighting effects. On mobiles, users can utilize the fast action button to quickly access functions like search and to open and close tabs. The button also provides vibrations and haptic feedback.

OperaGX Mobile 1.jpgOperaGX Mobile 2.jpg

Furthermore, users can easily sync the mobile and desktop browsers as well with the Flow feature to share files, notes, videos and gaming content. There's also the GX Corner where users can check out the latest gaming news, deals and a game release calendar. The Opera GX Mobile is currently available in beta on iOS and Android and it will roll out to the wider public soon in upcoming weeks.

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