Get a free smartphone, free mobile data and more with the YES PRIHATIN Plans for B40 citizens!

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YES officially announced that they have unveiled 2 YES PRIHATIN plans to help Malaysian Citizens in the B40 category by offering free smartphones and free mobile data for an entire year. The plans, which are called YES PRIHATIN Learn-From-Home Families, as well as the YES PRIHATIN Learn-From-Home Individuals, will also allow the users to access YTL Foundation’s Learn-From-Home content absolutely free of charge for an entire year as well as an RM50 Shopee voucher to purchase essentials via Shopee.

To go into more detail, those who get the YES PRIHATIN Learn-From-Home Families Plan will be eligible for a free YES smartphone, free 30GB mobile data a month for a year, access to FrogAsia Mobile App, as well as an RM50 Shopee voucher. The Individual plan, on the other hand, will offer largely the same stuff as the Families Plan except they will only get 15GB of mobile data a month for a year.

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If you want to find out more information regarding the plans mentioned above, head over to YTL’s official website. With all that said, what are your thoughts regarding all the YES PRIHATIN Learn-From-Home plans mentioned above? Let us know on our Facebook page and for more updates like this, stay tuned to