Get up to RM1000 off the Huawei Nova 3 as well as other Huawei devices with price starting from RM99 on Huawei Online Store 11.11


Tomorrow is the big Huawei Online Store 11.11 sale and it is packed with amazing deals with up to RM1000 discount on Huawei devices such as smartphones and tablets. Not only that, there are also other devices on the website with prices starting from RM99 as well.

Is terms of the discounts available during the sale, the Huawei Nova 3 is priced at RM699 which is a huge RM1000 discount while other products such as the Huawei Y560 and the Huawei MediaPad M2 10.0 will both be priced at RM99.

Flash Sale Promotions on 11 Nov:

Time Product RRP (RM) Units Promotion (RM)
9am Huawei P10 Flip Cover-Light Grey 58 75 12
9am Huawei P10 Lite Flip Cover-Light Grey 58 5 11
9am Huawei CM33 Classic Earphones (USB Type-C) 67 50 11
9am Huawei Y560-L02 299 11 99
12pm Huawei P10 Plus Flip Cover-Light Grey 58 100 11
12pm Huawei 6700mAh PowerBank 118 200 11
12pm Huwwei Body Fat Scale 196 9 69
12pm Huawei Nova 2 Lite 689 36 99
3pm Huawei AP55 MicroUSB & Type-C 1.5m Cable (White) 48 25 11
3pm 5V/9V 2A UK Standard Charger & Cable 67 50 22
3pm Huawei AP55S MicroUSB & Type-C 1.5m Cable (Blue) 48 25 11
3pm Huawei Nova 3 Primrose Gold 1699 10 699
6pm 5V 2A/4.5A UK Type Adaptor with Type-C Cable 147 50 22
6pm Huawei AP31 Car Quick Charger 68 50 11
6pm Huawei MediaPad M2 10.0 2GB + 16GB, LTE 1299 3 99
6pm Huawei Nova 3 Red 1699 10 699

Huawei device availability list

Not only that, there will also be discounts on Huawei accessories as well as such as the Huawei Powerbank, Huawei Phone Cases and more starting from RM11. Do take note that there are limited stock depending on the device you wish to purchase and certain devices will only go on sale depending on the time. Visit Huawei’s official online store for more information regarding the sale and for more updates like these, stay tuned to

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