Girls think that you are unattractive if you have an Android phone - This TikToker shows us why


The Apple iPhone is a popular brand with an immense presence among the youth. Few associate it with status, fame, popularity and so forth. According to this TikToker, you are more likely to be deemed “unattractive” if you have an Android phone. Here’s why.

According to Piper Sandler’s semi-annual survey among teens and trends, the Apple iPhone remains the most popular brand of smartphone. 87% of teens answered that they own one while 88% admit their next phone will also be an iPhone. This poll is based on 9200 teens who lived in a household with an average annual income of $71,000 (~RM327700.50).

Interestingly, a TikToker poked an interesting question. “If you are a 10 but have an Android phone, are you still a 10?”. This is the answer he got out of it:

To be fair, her answers do not represent all women. And it definitely does not represent what everyone thinks about it. However, it is interesting to note that Apple iPhone still has a big influence over the youth today. We are not sure how this study will translate in Malaysia, but it is safe to say the answer might be the same.



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