Gold Samsung Galaxy S4 coming soon?

Samsung Galaxy S4 Gold.jpg

Seemingly coming out of the blue, Samsung has confirmed that a gold (or gold coloured) version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 may be making it's way to consumer markets soon. Revealed as a tweet from the Middle East Samsung branch, the new version will come in Golden Brown and Golden Pink but there is yet any information if it will be just a a gold coloured plastic or actual gold plating. We're guessing that it could be actual gold plating because the colour looks about right as those from third-party chassis makers. We're also guessing that the tech specs or features should remain the same, if not as top range as possible to match the gold chassis. It may stop short of LTE-A considering that there aren't any LTE-A networks in the Middle East but again, these are still guesses and not confirmations. So far, no news on Malaysia release dates or pricing but a gold coloured metal chassis could just as likely get snapped up quite fast as well, considering the other "gold" coloured best selling smartphone that recently got launched.  


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