GoldenGenie offers gold plated Apple iPhone 5S, priced up to $4400 (RM13928)

Golden Apple iPhone 5S.jpg

After previously doing their gold-plating thing with the HTC One, GoldenGenie are now offering the Apple iPhone 5S in 5 different styles using gold, platinum or rose gold. As mentioned in the title, the price can go all the way up to $4400 (RM13928) but there's no denying that the actual gold plated device looks much more stunning than the standard "champagne gold" anodized aluminum casing of the Apple iPhone 5S. Apart from the hefty price you can also expect the resulting Apple iPhone 5S to weigh a lot more as well. As usual, each gold plated version comes with it's own classy wooden box. Check out the pics below:

GoldenGenie Apple iPhone 5s.jpg


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