Google Gemini could soon work with music platforms


Ever since Google rebranded Bard as Gemini, the AI platform has been shown to do many different things. It's been helping with quick Google searches to image manipulation, so we can expect it to do more as the platform improves. And it seems music playback is the next one.

According to Piunikaweb, Gemini will soon allow users to choose their preferred music playback platform (like Spotify or Apple Music). The screenshots indicate that the feature would essentially work like Google Assistant. As far as we can tell, Google is turning Google Assistant into the voice-assistant component of Google Gemini.

gemini1.jpg gemini2.jpg

You might wonder what this means for us. Well, it means Google Gemini users can now set services like Spotify for music playback. It also means you can voice command Gemini to "play my last playlist on loop" or something to that effect. Moreover, the update to Gemini could result in wireless speakers with Gemini integration. The release for this update hasn't been confirmed, but we expect it to come soon since the screenshots show that it's more or less ready to launch.

What other apps will Gemini integrate into? We'll probably know more after the latest Galaxy Z series devices launch later this year. For now, stay tuned to TechNave for more news like this.