Google Maps now tells you how fresh the air is at certain places

Google Maps air quality cover.jpg

It's unknown if this Google Maps feature will make it to Malaysia, but it's definitely a good one. The app is now capable of telling its users where to look for fresh air in the US, which is pretty useful for those who like to go for outdoor sports or merely want to stay outdoor.

The map now comes with a new layer that displays an Air Quality Index (AQI) overlay using government data gathered from agencies like the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in the US to show the users how healthy the air is at certain places. Besides that, it's also using data provided by PurpleAir, which is a company in the states that makes sensors for collecting hyper-local air quality data.

Google Maps air quality 1.png

Furthermore, clicking on the AQI readings dotted around Google Maps will provide users more information on the health impact of the air quality, time and source of the last reading, and links to learn more. It's hard to find places that have nice fresh air nowadays. Besides depending on Google Maps to help us find them, we should also start doing something that reduces air pollution, such as taking public transports... (you know what to do la)

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