Google Maps to roll out 'immersive view' with realistic 3D rendering of places

Google Maps immersive view cover EDITED.png

Besides announcing several exciting new Pixel products, Google has also given us a sneak peek at an upcoming Google Maps feature called 'immersive view'. The feature allows you to 'visit the place' before physically doing so, read on to know how it gets done!

Thanks to advances in computer vision and AI, Google Maps will soon be able to offer users a realistic view of the places with high-quality 3D rendering. Users will get to "experience what a neighbourhood, landmark, restaurant or popular venue is like — and even feel like you're right there before you ever set foot inside." Therefore, before you decide about visiting a place, you might let Google Maps show you the surroundings first.

Furthermore, there'll also be a time slider that gives users the ability to look at the places at different times of day and even in different weathers. You may also "glide down to street level to explore nearby restaurants and see helpful information, like live busyness and nearby traffic". The feature will first roll out in Los Angeles, London, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo later this year and more cities in the future.

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