Google Play Pass has arrived in Malaysia, but not everyone can use it - yet


Recently, Google released the Google Play Pass. In case you didn’t know, the play pass is similar to Apple Arcade. For your information, Apple Arcade is a game subscription service that you can enjoy, with over 200 mobile games. That said, what should you know about the play pass?

In case you were wondering, the Google Play Pass costs you almost half of Apple Arcade. It is not only cheaper but it also gives you access to a collection of hundreds of games. The best part? You will have no ads and no in-app payment after the subscription.

You can share this play pass with up to 5 family members. The list of games includes memorable entries such as Monument Valley 2, Stardew Valley, Portal Knights, Teslagrad, Limbo, Forgotten Anne, The Gardens and so forth. According to@mrjuzmafia on Twitter, the play pass will cost you RM10.99 monthly.

Remember, the first month is free of charge so you can tinker around during this period. The yearly subscription will cost you RM99. That’s 25% cheaper than Apple Arcade. As of now, the Play Pass is only available for some users. So you can expect this feature to be rolled out to everyone soon.

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