Google Tasks now integrated into Google Calendar for Android and iOS


When you're out and about, it's always great to have your list of tasks on hand for quick reference. Some people don't bother with it, but it's nice to have an app to track your todo list with a calendar. For Android and iOS users, you can now do that from within Google Calendar.

If you're familiar with Google Calendar, the web version has had Google Tasks integrated into it for a few years. Now, Google is finally adding it to the Android and iOS versions of Google Calendar. With it, you'll now be able to create and view tasks directly. Obviously, this also means you can place them on your calendar so you can better keep track of them.

It's not anything new, but it's great that you no longer need to download a separate app to do this. With that said, what app do you use to track your calendar and tasks? Let us know in the comments and do stay tuned to for more news.