Google Wallet: You can now add documents and tickets from your gallery



Mobile wallets have become a cornerstone of modern convenience, allowing users to store not only their credit cards but also car insurance cards. It also includes event tickets and even a digital version of a driver's license or government ID in some countries. That said, what should you know about it?

Previously, adding a document to Google Wallet required a digital version available through the app or website. However, Google's new feature  allows you to add important documents directly from your photo library. This means includes a library card, gym membership card, car insurance or concert tickets. You can now take a picture and add it to your Google Wallet.

It is currently unclear whether this feature extends to adding payment methods such as credit cards or if photos need to be taken directly through the Wallet app. This new capability significantly improves the quality of use of Google Wallet, making it easier to store everyday documents that lack QR codes or barcodes directly on your phone.

We have yet to confirm other details on the subject. So, we need to wait for more confirmation from Google. Hopefully, this feature will arrive in Malaysia soon.

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