Google Wallet adds Maybank Card to its “Payment Methods”


After waiting for a long time, now it seems that Maybank has added support for Google Pay, allowing users of Android devices with NFC support to add Maybank cards to Google Wallet , and use them in payments at terminals in stores.

For your information, this will make it easier to make payments using devices at any store that accepts payments through card payment terminals. You only need to activate the Google Pay feature, and touch on the device to pay.

Screenshot 2024-05-08 113120.png

According to our tests, Maybank appears to support Visa and Mastercard cards – both debit and credit to be added to Google Pay. Through the terms page, Maybank also provides a promotion for 100% cashback (limited to RM10) for the first transaction. However, this is limited to a number of early users.

For those who use an Android device with NFC support, you can download the Google Wallet application, and add a Maybank card to it today. In addition to Maybank cards, several other banks are also supported, including CIMB, Bank Muamalat, AmBank, Hong Leong Bank, HSBC Bank, Public Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, and Wise.

Hopefully, this will make your payment and online transactions easier. After all, everyone in Malaysia deserves a smooth banking experience. We at TechNave hope more banks will follow suit soon.


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