Google agrees to delete recorded data on the Chrome Incognito Mode


Back in 2020, Google was sued for secretly tracking and collecting its users' data when using Google Chrome's Incognito Mode. It has been four years since then and today, Google finally gave in and agreed to delete billions of data records from that platform.

In the Brown v. Google settlement, the data record deletion is just one of the several conditions. Although Google has lost this case, Chrome users are not entitled to be compensated in money, but each member can still sue Google for damages. Additionally, Google will have to update its Privacy Policy to be clearer about collecting private browsing data, same goes for the Incognito mode splash screen.

Despite losing the case, Google still denies that the company is doing such acts and claims the lawsuit was baseless. Google spokesman José Castañeda stated “We are pleased to settle this lawsuit, which we always believed was meritless,” he also added, “We are happy to delete old technical data that was never associated with an individual and was never used for any form of personalization.”