Google bought WIMM smartwatch maker last year in secret

WIMM Smartwatch.jpg

Talking more on smartwatches, Google has reportedly been working on it's own smartwatch, but it seems that it hasn't been doing this on it's own as last year in 2012, they quietly bought out smartwatch maker WIMM Labs. The WIMM One smartwatch offered a reasonable amount of potential, doing everything most bluetooth smartwatches can do today, including syncing with smartphones and showing notifications. While reception for it's first smartwatch was good, WIMM Labs suddenly went quiet and stopped producing more smartwatches. Apparently, they did so because Google bought them out, which Google has confirmed recently. What sets the WIMM smartwatch apart from the others is that they also made an Android based micro app platform that offers a widget like based development system. Google and WIMM have both been quiet about what came from this relationship, but we're betting on a smartwatch that could be used in tandem with Google's own Glass wearable computer.

WIMM smartwatch market.jpg