Google bringing Tab Groups to the desktop Chrome browser with version 83


For those of you who like opening tonnes of tabs and never close them, you'll soon have a default way to manage them. Google has announced that the Tab Groups feature will be coming in the next major Chrome browser update, which is the version 83 update scheduled for next week.

Tab Groups is a feature that is meant for you to better organise your tabs. With the upcoming update, you'll be able to create these groups by right-clicking on a tab and select either "Add to new group" or "Add to existing group". Once you do, the tab goes to the selected group and you'll have a better idea of where your tabs are. We've linked the GIFs below so you can see how they work.

Of course, that's not all it does. You can also enter a custom name and 1 out of 8 colours for the tabs for the groups and even use emojis to name the groups, which can be a good way of identifying the groups. Also, you can remove tabs from groups, close all tabs inside, or move the tabs inside around.

The Tab Groups feature is already available on Chrome Beta, so you can preview it now if you'd like to get a feel for how it works. If not, just wait for the update next week that's expected to gradually roll-out. With that said, would this feature be useful for you? What else would you want it to do? Let us know on our Facebook page and stay tuned to for more news like this.