Google could develop chatbots based on celebrities and influencers


Google is ready to introduce a chatbot based on artificial intelligence, named Gemini. Now, apart from that, Google also reportedly wants to give personality to the chatbot and is currently developing their chatbot based on YouTube influencers and celebrities.

With this step, it will simultaneously mimic the person's personality, and then interact with users more or less the same as the real person. Google is said to be in talks with influencers and celebrities to develop the feature. At the same time, Google is expected to open the same feature to the public, allowing people to come with their bots.

For information, previously Meta was ready to offer more or less the same features through Meta AI, besides there are several other companies based on artificial intelligence that offer more or less the same features. For now, it is not known whether this latest feature will be widely offered, or just a Google experiment under Google Labs only. So, we should wait for more confirmation from Google.


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