Google fires 28 employees who opposed Israel


If you have been following the Israel-Palestine conflict, this news might surprise you. Google has now reportedly fired a total of 28 employees who were involved in protests or opposition to previous contracts involving Israel. That said, what should you know about it?

Previously, Google was involved with the Project Nimbus contract, which is a cloud service contract involving the Israeli government, worth $1.2 billion. Google said they fired this employee based on the company's zero tolerance for the behaviour of protesters by the employee involved.

For your information, “No Tech for Apartheid” criticized this matter – stating that Google never met with their side to hear or discuss the matter brought up. At the same time, Google employees are also emphasized to have the right to peacefully protest the purpose of their work and the use of their work.

For your information, No Tech for Apartheid also emphasised that the protest was peaceful, and did not damage anything as Google said. It is also criticized that their technology is used to enable hundreds of thousands of people to be killed, missing or injured because of Israel.

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