Google gets Pixel smartphone team and HTC gets $1.1 billion for next flagship phone


Google and HTC officially signed an agreement where certain HTC employees, many of whom are currently working with Google on their Pixel smartphones, will join Google for a $1.1 billion cash investment in HTC. Google will also receive exclusive license for HTC intellectual property while HTC will still be making smartphones and are currently working on their next flagship phone after the HTC U11. They also said that they will continue work on their VIVE VR tech, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things as well.

What does this all mean?

  • Google will be making even more kickass HTC based Pixel smartphones soon.
  • HTC will be making more HTC smartphones.
  • Google doesn't own HTC or tells them what to do.
  • HTC lets Google use their tech and won't let anyone else use the tech Google is using.