Google has a new 'Switch to Android' app for iOS users to transfer data

Switch to Android cover EDITED.png

Switching from iOS to Android might be easier with the new 'Switch to Android' app developed by Google. However, the app is still not publicly available yet, though you still can try out some basic stuff by downloading it through a private link.

The title of the app is pretty much self-explanatory. Similar to the 'Move to iOS', the app allows iOS users to transfer data, including contacts, calendar, photos, and videos, to their new Android devices. The app will also inform the users to switch off their iMessage to avoid losing contact with friends that way.

Switch to Android 1.png

However, the 'Move to iOS' is still not a perfect app for the purpose of switching from Android to iOS, as it has received quite some users' complaints about the experience on the Play Store. It remains to be seen if this new Google app will live up to expectations, providing users with a painless experience when switching between devices of the different operating systems.

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