Google is reportedly working on an Apple AirTag competitor, codenamed ‘Grogu’

feat image google grogu airtage.jpg

Google may be in the midst of developing a Bluetooth tracker device to compete with the Apple AirTag. Codenamed ‘Grogu’, it is alleged that the Google Nest team is taking lead in the development of the tracker. 

Shared by Android researcher and reliable tipster Kuba Wojciechowski, the codename is a reference to the Star Wars series “The Mandalorian”. Development of the new product was discovered after references to grogu, ‘grogaudio’ and ‘GR10’ were found in Google’s software codes.

Wojciechowski further claimed that the tracker would have an onboard speaker (hence why it’s called grogaudio’) that may function similarly to the AirTag in notifying users of its location. Moreover, the tracker will also support Bluetooth Low Energy and ultra-wideband (UWB).

Of course, do take this information with a grain of salt as nothing is confirmed as of yet. Well, if it turns out to be true, then it would be a welcomed addition to the Bluetooth tracker space which has recently been dominated by Apple. 

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