Google is working on a new AI-power video creation tool for Workspace

Screenshot 2024-04-10 145356.png

These days, we are getting more AI functions that are capable of writing the type of texts we want and it can even generate videos and photos. Now get ready for the next one called Google Vids which is an upcoming AI-powered video creation tool. 

On the website, Google Vids will be part of Gemini for Google Workspace. There is also a short video clip showing how it works. In the future, we have to click on + New and scroll down to Google Vids. After that, you can type in what kind of video you want. For instance, "Help me create a sales training video". 

The video continued showing that we can choose a style for the video, create a script via AI, and even choose a voiceover for narrating the video. Moreover, you can put in some collaborators and they can put in some feedback before officially publishing it. You can also create a storyboard there and put in background music. 

At the moment, Google is testing Google Vids with a group of trusted tested in Google Workspace Labs. As they continue to refine the features there, the release date for it is unknown until the feature is ready for Gemini. You can learn more about Google Vids and other works in development right here