Google might bring spatial audio to Pixel devices with Android 13

Google Pixel spatial audio cover EDITED.jpg

Android users might get an exciting audio feature with the upcoming Android 13. According to the source, spatial audio, which is already available on the iPhones, might be making its way to the Google Pixel phones with future Android 13 betas.

Google has recently rolled out the first beta of Android 13 to the Pixel users. Thanks to Mishaal Rahman of, after spotting a spatializer effect on the Pixel 6, Rahman continued digging deeper into the code and found a shared library file for spatial audio in the "soundfx" folder.

If you don't know about what good does spatial audio bring to you, it actually adds 3D effects to the audio coming from a device, enabling a cinema-like listening experience. Meanwhile, it also adjusts the sound direction based on the movement of your device, head, or the source of sound in the supported video.

It's said that Google has long been planning to do big things with the audio features on the OS, as the tech giant had acquired multiple audio companies in the past. If it's true, spatial audio might be a beginning of what it's offering in the future.

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