Google officially releases Android 13, update available for Pixel devices starting today

feat image android 13.jpg

After being in beta for quite some time now, the final version of Android 13 has finally been released by Google today. Now available for download on Pixel devices, Google announced that the latest Android OS update will be coming to other supported Android devices “later this year”. 

In a blogpost announcing the arrival of Android 13 today, Sameer Samat, the VP of Product Management for Android and Google Play shared details of the new Android version, aptly including 13 new reasons to love the new update. Among the highlight features of the new update include a more refined design with Google’s iconic Material You theme, HDR video support for third-party camera apps and Spatial Audio support. 


Unlike Android 12, the theming engine on Android 13 now supports icons of third-party apps. Besides that, the updated media player also changes its appearance automatically based on the music or podcast that you’re listening to. 

Speaking of music, Android now officially supports Spatial Audio and head tracking if your headphones or TWS have the feature. Bluetooth LE Audio is also natively supported by Android 13, though like Spatial Audio, your audio devices do need to have that feature for it to be supported. 


Google is also bringing more customisations to the OS, which include the ability to assign specific languages to specific apps and more configurations for Bedtime mode. Security is also an emphasis in the Android 13, with clipboard history getting automatically cleared “after a period of time” when you copy sensitive personal data, apps needing permission to send notifications instead of having the ability by default and more. 

If you don’t have a Pixel device, do expect the Android 13 update by the end of the year if you’re using these devices:

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