Google's AirDrop-like service Fast Share has been renamed as Nearby Sharing

Nearby Sharing cover EDITED.jpg

AirDrop is undeniably one of the strongest features from Apple's ecosystem. When it comes to file sharing, the feature works seamlessly without all the hassles that we encounter on Android smartphones. For that, Google has launched the Android Beam earlier to provide local sharing functionality, but then it has been renamed as Fast Share on Android 10. Now, a source is telling us that the feature is getting its name changed again, this time it will be called Nearby Sharing.

The feature uses Bluetooth to let users connect by handshakes and transfer files between devices through a Wi-Fi connection. It is also said to be transferring larger files more quickly compared to Android Beam. However, the actions must be carried out in not more than one foot in order to share.

nearby sharing 1.png

Actually, Nearby Sharing a.k.a Fast Share has been in development for quite some time since it was spotted by XDA Developers back in June 2019. This time, the changing of the name could signify the feature is coming closer to us, and we definitely can’t wait to try out the AirDrop-equivalent file sharing service on Android devices.

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