Google's Smartwatch also rumoured to be in the Works

Google Smart Watch 1.JPG

US Patents filed in 2011 and 2000 show that Google have also been working on smart watch devices. While the more recent patent (see drawing above) talks about a dual screen device with touchscreen capabilities, the older patent (see drawing below) shows a smart watch design much along the same lines as the current Pebble watch. Apparently Google's Smart Watch has been under development just as long as Samsung's Smart watch as well, just that we haven't seen any actual hardware come to light.

Google Smart Watch 2.JPG

While the older patent talks about syncing emails with a mobile computer (before the advent of smartphones), the newer patent describes the use of a camera as well. Both patents include usage of a GPS for navigation which sounds downright intriguing (especially for people like myself who get lost easily) but since Google has never been that much of a wearable hardware maker (except for its Google Glass project) it seems rather unlikely to be developed any time soon. However, if it were to be used in tandem with the up and coming Google Glass project, this may yet have some possibilities.

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