Google starts to roll out voice call and video call features for Gmail app

Gmail voice call video call cover EDITED.jpg

Photo courtesy of India Today

Earlier, Google announced that it's adding a voice call feature to the Gmail app. Today, it is finally available on both iOS and Android app, and a video call feature also came with it. Therefore, from now on, users can directly perform those mentioned activities in the app rather than using Google Meet.

Not only that, in future, users tapping on the new phone and video icons that appear in the upper right corner of individual one-on-one chat screens in the Google Chat section of the app will also guide them to the Gmail app. It means that Google will now be focusing on making Gmail the center of its communication platforms.

Gmail voice call video call 1.jpg

The call feature is rolling out from 6 December for everyone with Google Workspace, G Suite, or personal Google accounts. If you still don't see them in your Gmail app, you'll probably have to wait a little bit longer for the next update.

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